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Many players use a backhand hitting action for returning smashes on both the forehand and backhand sides because backhands are more effective than forehands at covering smashes directed to the body.

Five regional confederations are associated with the BWF: With very high serves, the shuttlecock may even fall vertically. My mid term goal was to improve my smash shot and my long term goal was to eradicate weakness from my performance and make me as close to a model performer as possible.

The main changes occurred in my smash shot. I would like to become a such skillful badminton player like Lin in the near future. Slicing and using a shortened hitting action are the two main technical devices that facilitate deception.

When playing a net shot, slicing underneath the shuttlecock may cause it to turn over itself tumble several times as it passes the net. In December the IBF experimented with the scoring system, intending both to regulate the playing time and to simplify the system for television viewers.

An early version of this game in china used a shuttlecock but not a racket. In addition, I want to tell you some information about my idol, Lin Dan, who is a famous Chinese badminton player, and he is ranking in number one in the badminton world.

A short hitting action is not only useful for deception: Synthetic shuttles are often used by recreational players to reduce their costs as feathered shuttles break easily.

Landa is General Manager. Compared to running shoes, badminton shoes have little lateral support.

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Gerlitz is a recognized expert in the field of electro-optics and has a proven track record in designing commercially viable consumer products based on IR technologies.

Beyond the basics, however, badminton offers rich potential for advanced stroke skills that provide a competitive advantage. To test a shuttlecock, hit a full underhand stroke which makes contact with the shuttlecock over the back boundary line.

Spinning the shuttlecock is also used to create spinning net shots also called tumbling net shotsin which the shuttlecock turns over itself several times tumbles before stabilizing; sometimes the shuttlecock remains inverted instead of tumbling.

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My partner and I chose to have our game recorded as this allows us to watch our performance over and over again giving me effective visual feedback. For example, a net shot can force the opponent to lift the shuttlecock, which gives an opportunity to smash.

In doubles, both players of a pair would serve before the service returned to the other side.

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The second reason is that badminton is a healthy sport, which makes me relax and gets rid of the stressors. Forehand strokes are hit with the front of the hand leading like hitting with the palmwhereas backhand strokes are hit with the back of the hand leading like hitting with the knuckles.

It is also industry standard for badminton shoes to provide shock dispersion technology for enhancing ones jumping ability. Essay writing companies usa zoominfo fast essay editor 14th amendment essay us constitution due process clause procedural good essay topics persuasive kommunikations college essay cover page template google sheets.

The opponent will be unwilling to address the shuttlecock until it has corrected its orientation. The shuttlecock is not allowed to bounce, but slicing the shuttlecock does have applications in badminton.

Deception is not limited to slicing and short hitting actions. Badminton Badminton Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world and has been around for a very long time. This justifies my choice of training programme and my methods of gathering data.

The stages that I broke my performance into were challenging as well as achievable to do in my six week time bracket. Non-clinicians can easily change between the different device lenses to achieve the right wound treatment power.

In this paper I will discuss the history and origin of badminton, the rules, and facts that I found interesting in badminton. Sep 27,  · My Favourite Hobby — Badminton September 27, Uncategorized yinzhenyu89 Playing badminton is one of my favourite hobbies, which makes me feel excited and turns my passion on.

If my weakness isn’t exploited then I can play to my strengths and move my opponent around the court, and hopefully, gain momentum and enough points to win the game.

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Badminton is a game that involves the use of a net, lightweight rackets, and a shuttlecock. Two or four players play it, which is played indoors, on a marked-out area 44 ft ( m) long by 17 ft ( m) wide for the two-player game and 20 ft.

Words Essay for kids on my favorite game Vivek Badminton is a game of skill. A badminton player should have strong hands and legs. He should be very agile.

He should be able to run quickly, jump and hop instantly. I am a good player of badminton. I enjoy it very much. I am Captain of our school Junior Badminton Team. Your search returned 94 essays for "badminton": 1 2 Next >> Free Essays.

Good Essays. Better Essays. Stronger Essays. Powerful Essays. Term Papers. Research Papers. The Game of Badminton - The Game of Badminton When you think of badminton, what do you think of. Do you see sweaty old women playing a game before their trip to the local bingo.

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