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Essay UK - http: What is this power, and who is to take the role of vanquished and of victor in the test of wills. One against the other, liberty and security are in constant conflict. However, some laws are in general still vague and can lead to abuse or intolerance. The majority, being legislators, congressmen and those with power in the government, use the power they have to impose what is in their benefits over the minority.

Thoreau uses the example of the Mexican war to show that the standing government Is used by a few Individuals to carry out acts that are not always supported by the people.

If all these issues are resolved and the minority is given a voice and the government becomes conscientious, a better and more organized country and unprepared; but improvement is slow Thoreau 4.

While it maintained an outward semblance of freedom, "under the wing of the sovereignty of the people," it would quietly —and without resort to the rack or thumbscrews — extend its authority into every corner of human life, regulating, managing, and dictating each activity, important and minor alike.

The rights of the minority are still respected. It is too deeply rooted in the common conviction that because today government is conceived to be a force for good, it can be entrusted with power it will not use for evil tomorrow; that because the majority now shares this conception, it will always share it; that because ours is a democracy and the majority chooses our leaders, it will never choose one who will misuse the power once given with such good faith and with such fond hope, so freely and so willingly.

They tried to avoid such an occurrence by building provisions into the machinery of government for the separation and diffusion of power, with authority distributed among three branches.

The Concept of the Majority Rule with Respect to Minority Rights Essay

A good government that is free and its people are well aware that every free act must also be responsible, that in every action there will be consequences. When I refuse to obey an unjust law, I do not contest the right which the majority has of commanding, but I simply appeal from the sovereignty of the people to the sovereignty of mankind.

We will write a custom essay sample on Majority and Government Order now More Essay Examples on That majority of few individuals use the masses, the people, as instruments because people follow laws with undue respect. Here it is important to know that liberty means freedom per se but freedom with responsibility.

One principal concept of democracy explains that majority rule should not lead to oppression because in America there is no appointed group who has any authority to take away the basic rights and freedoms of an individual in a minority group. In spite of the majority rule, the rights and freedom of the minority is preserved.

Whatever basis for being a minority, they have the right for equality which is what the Constitution protects. Through the Fourteenth Amendment the various legal and civil rights were added to the rights of the former slaves. Majority rule should occur everywhere. If the majority had a strong conscience that would only benefit the government, the society would be able to stay strong and powerful.

Judicial activism in fact is very unconstitutional. The principle majority rule with respect to minority rights reiterates the rights to equality. For protection he establishes a government which, to endure, must limit his freedom.

This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible Besides the foregoing, Tocqueville perceived other difficulties which, while not novel to the American milieu, were characteristic of majoritarian democracies.

Nevertheless, many might argue the government would not change its ways even for the majority, but there cannot be a successful government without change.

If the burden of social legislation is less now than it might be, we owe yet another debt of gratitude to the Founding Fathers. But still, framers of the constitution have ways of distorting meanings to ease consciences or legalized a criminal act.

The Individual and Majority Rule

The Constitution allows the minorities to have the voice especially in political decisions. The Constitution protects the rights of the minorities as well. A dissent to what we believe that majority rule with deference to minority rights.

If the majority acts to serve the causes of injustice and unreason, the person or people so misserved must appeal to mankind at large, to state the case for right and truth in the larger court of humanity. Prior to the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment, the Blacks population specifically the males were denied of their rights to suffrage.

Majority rule can change the opinions of the people who do not think abortion is right by explaining to them why it is right for a woman to choose what she wants for her body. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

Accordingly, Thoreau uses taxes as an example to explain that if the majority wants something, they should force themselves to achieve that goal. The majority disciplines unpopular opinions — meaning those it does not share — by narrowing the opportunity for their expression, and by stifling, through group-pressure, the will that inspires them.

Majority and Government Essay

There was an abuse and judicial activism at the higher court to pass on such law including sodomy. Thus their vote for a certain candidate actually counts.

Democracy came from the root word demos, a Greek word which means people. Beginning with Plato, political philosophers of an anti-democratic or aristocratic bent had a dread and loathing of popular rule.

The reason Mandala chose majority rule was because blacks are majority in South Africa. The intention here is to find fault neither with the Bill of Rights nor with the men who gave us our government. Majority Rule/Minority Rights: defines not just individual rights but also the application of majority rule and minority rights relies on a set of rules.

Two other places the Constitution addresses majority rule and minority rights are the majority will of the individual writer of this essay and no. Majority rule and minority rights is a basic foundation of democracy. A general concept of this foundation is that the popular vote will be the deciding party in most cases.

Along with this concept the minority of the people will maintain certain basic human rights that will not be compromised by the popular vote.

Majority rule with respect to minority rights is vital to a democratic government. This process allows for citizens to maintain individual rights while following the direction of the majority.

It also allows for the citizens to make changes to the laws as society, the majorities, and the minorities change. There are many differences between majority rule and minority rights. One of the big differences between the two is majority tyranny. Essay on majority or individual MAJORITY OR INDIVIDUAL Throughout the history, philosophers have emerged new ideas about how society govern and how people can be free two of these philosophers are that.

Essay: Majority rule Would the people most likely wish for a government where the majority decides what is right for the people, or a single unknowledgeable ruler?

If the majority had a strong conscience that would only benefit the government, the society would be able to stay strong and powerful.

Majority rule and individual rights essay writer
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